Friday, July 07, 2006

The World is My Chew Toy

Life with a teething baby can be somewhat hazardous. Nothing is sacred. We are finding this out first-hand. James has two cute little chompers already, but it appears that he is working on a few more. He chews on everything: rubber ducks, blocks, shoes (gross!), paper (he would make an excellent paper shredder), and any unsuspecting appendage you might unintentionally leave vulnerable. He especially likes knees and arms, which can lead to some nasty bruises. Yet despite the bruises and soggy papers, it is still amazing to see James go thru another babyhood 'rite of passage.' Everyday I pry open his drooly jaws and check to see if anything has happened. So far, zilch. But I will keep checking, and one of these days maybe I'll find something.

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